Two Minutes of Torah | V’zot Habracha | Deuteronomy 33:1–34:12

And In the End…

And in the end the love you take
Is equal to the love you make

Paul McCartney’s Bard-like couplet brought the album Abbey Road, and more broadly, the journey of the Beatles, to a fitting close. But rather than offering a nostalgic look backward, the lyric offers a bit of transcendent wisdom for the ages. In many ways, endings can be more about what’s to come than what has been. In this week’s portion, V’zot Habracha, we learn of Moses’ death and legacy: That there would never again be a person quite like him, in both his deeds and closeness to God. However, we are not left to ruminate on the glories of the past, nor lament a diminished future. Like the unceasing reading of the Torah itself, our story continues with Joshua at the helm, leading the people into the Land of Israel and towards our destiny. Our story, our tradition, our ideals and God’s vision transcend even the greatness of a Moses, just as they course through us and and into a future of which we can only dream.

– Rabbi Daniel Weiner

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