Two Minutes of Torah | T’tzaveh | Exodus 27:20−30:10

Parashat Tetzaveh speaks in some detail — some excruciatingly meticulous detail — about the garments to be worn by the High Priests. Their size and their shape, their base materials and their finery are all spelled out. Perhaps the details were telegraphed such that future generations might recreate these garments for the ancient Temples, or perhaps there is meaning to be found in the specificity.
Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, a giant of modern Orthodoxy, believed there to be a connection between forms of dress and authority. Whether government officials, members of the military or members of a soccer team, the uniforms one wears projects an outward image of authority while internally solidifying feelings of responsibility. The clothes both define and make the person, if you will. One can imagine the High Priests dressing for work and literally accepting upon themselves the mantle of responsibility, and perhaps the same is true for us even in our day.
– Rabbi Aaron Meyer

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