Two Minutes of Torah | Chayei Sarah | Genesis 23:1−25:18

Torah provides us with a model for mourning this week. The parsha, called “The Life of Sarah” tells not only of Sarah’s death, but that of her husband, Abraham, as well. We are taught about the responsibilities of burial and what it means to be “gathered to [our] people” (Gen 25:8). Something all too familiar this week as we put eleven members of our global, Jewish community to rest.
The text teaches us that the mourner might move on from their bewailing and through their loss into action. Abraham “rises up” to take action required to secure burial space. After Abraham’s death, his son Isaac is blessed and the legacy of generations to follow is emphasized.
We are part of this legacy. As we move through the mourning, we invite you to be with us in community as we work together towards action.
-Rabbi Kate Speizer

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