The New Tikkun: Race and Repair

As a follow up to Rabbi Weiner’s Yom Kippur sermon on race and reparation, here are some opportunities to act on our desire to heal the racial divide in our nation and work to support, empower and inspire our neighbors amongst communities of color:

  1. Examine your individual racial assumptions, elicited by reading books such as:
    Between the World and Me, Ta Nahesi Coates
    Tears We Cannot Stop, Michael Eric Dyson
    The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander
    Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson
    How Jews Became White Folks, Karen Brodkin
  2. In your individual and professional circles, seek to hire qualified employees of color and pay them a bit more than might otherwise be mandated. If you own a business, offer advice and counsel to your employees of color who want to strike out of their own, or find business clubs/organizations that seek to share insight and wisdom with aspiring entrepreneurs of color.
  3. Honestly assess how many people of color you actually know or count as friends. Strive to diversify your circle of friends and colleagues.
  4. Learn more about, support and volunteer in the following organizations:

El Centro De La Raza – As an organization grounded in the Latino community, our mission is to build unity across all racial and economic sectors, to organize, empower, and defend our most vulnerable and marginalized populations and to bring justice, dignity, equality, and freedom to all the peoples of the world. building-development/

Seattle World School – The Seattle World School community is committed to mentoring students in navigating academic and career goals with holistic services. Our mission is to provide rigorous academics supported by social-emotional development opportunities and life skills. Our focus is to empower students as self, global advocates in our rapidly changing world.

Urban League – We empower African Americans and underserved communities to thrive by securing educational and economic opportunities.

Please continue to watch this space for more opportunities.