Parshat Mikketz • Genesis 41:1-44:17

Dream On

This week’s Torah portion, Mikketz, recounts some of the most famous and enduring dream sequences in Jewish literature. But the power of these dreams is more in the interpretation than in the content—an interpretation that propelled both Joseph’s destiny and that of our people. But beyond even the Freudian power to glean insight into ourselves through understanding our dreams, or to attain divine guidance through mystic messaging, the figurative sense of dreams has transcended every historical and cultural context. That sense of dreams was conveyed most compellingly by Dr. King. It is a dream as communal vision of a world that can be, a world that should be, a world that God desires for us, if we would only realize it through the breadth of our hearts and the work of our hands. If a dream is to be more than self-help gimmick or religious parlor trick, it must concert and compel our encompassing efforts to better align the world with our ideals and with God’s will.

Rabbi Daniel Weiner

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