Temple De Hirsch Sinai offers a variety of educational opportunities for members of all ages, cultivating life-long connections and relationships.

At Temple, education is about:

  • Acquiring Wisdom
  • Empowering the Individual
  • Cultivating Community
  • And Making Life Meaningful

Acquiring Wisdom

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom” (Proverbs 4:7)

At Temple we explore with our congregants what it means to be Jewish and how to be in the world. The key to knowing how to be in the world is to overlay knowledge (Da’at) with wisdom (Chochma). We want our learners to approach their daily lives by making wise choices based on Jewish learning and values. Our goal of helping people acquire wisdom is achieved by teaching learners to search for how to ask good questions, not merely to learn for the sake of answers.

Empowering the Individual

“Study is not the primary thing but action.” (Pirkei Avot 1:17)

Learning in the synagogue or classroom must be translated into action and changed behavior in the outside world. Temple education commits itself to teaching for the sake of personal empowerment. Empowerment occurs when we create programs that meet the needs of youth and adults at all ages and stages of life. By creating an environment where our learners are able to craft Jewish journeys of 
meaning and relevance, we ensure self-realized individuals. We want members to find a 
path for themselves through a variety of programs and to become lifelong learners who integrate Tikkun Olam (Social Action), community-building, and service with Jewish wisdom.

Cultivating Community

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up”. (Ecclesiaties 4:9-10)

It is through acquiring wisdom and empowering the individual that Temple aims to create a Kehilah Kedosha (a sacred community) for our congregants. We seek to foster connections amongst our fellow congregants (Bein Adam le’Havero) and between congregants and Temple (Bein adam le’Makom).  It is our aim to develop solutions that fit different micro-communities, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to education.

And Making Life Meaningful
“Praised are you Adonai who distinguishes between mundane and holy” (Havdallah blessing)

Judaism teaches that God divides the world into two elements: chol (mundane) and kodesh (holy). However, it is not just God who makes things holy. We have the power to make our lives holy, to make our lives meaningful. Our ultimate goal is to make life meaningful through the acquisition of knowledge, empowerment of the individual, and cultivation of community.

This vision plays out through our programs, which serve all ages.

Jennifer Rosen Meade Preschool (JRM) encourages children to learn through discovery, exploration, creative thinking and problem solving. Our developmentally-appropriate, child-centered program prepares children for kindergarten and for life in a warm and nurturing environment. Temple also offers a range of activities, both at Temple and in other locations, so that families with young children can join together for family friendly events. Our offerings begin at birth and continue through pre-kindergarten.

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The Bridge Family Religion School at Temple De Hirsch Sinai is a vibrant Reform Jewish educational experience for students and families from pre-kindergarten (Rishonim) through 12th grade, inspiring a lifelong dedication to Jewish learning and community. We offer concurrent Parent Education Programs (PEP) on a variety of themes.

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Temple De Hirsch Sinai offers a variety of programming created specifically for the youngest members of our community each and every month. Designed to empower our youth to live Reform Judaism, these programs create challenging, fun, relevant, and meaningful Jewish experiences. Social, social action, and informal educational experiences connect participants to a safe and supportive community while offering Jewish content in new and exciting.

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Temple De Hirsch Sinai and The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle believe that the Jewish overnight camp experience is an integral component in building a child’s Jewish identity. We encourage all our students to strengthen their friendships, build their knowledge, and participate in fun, active camp activities. To that end, we provide camp scholarships to our member children so that all may join in this enriching summer fun, forging closer ties to Jewish living.

From Introduction to Judaism to adult b’nai mitzvah classes, we have an abundance of educational options for adults and seniors. Whether you’re interested in hearing a short lecture over a meal, enrichment alongside your child in Religion School, or more serious Hebrew and Torah study, we have a place for you to learn and connect.

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Temple De Hirsch Sinai libraries – the Samuel Rosenberg Memorial Library (Seattle), Spitzer Family Library (Bellevue), Benjamin Zukor Children’s Library (Seattle & Bellevue) — house over 10,000 volumes covering a wide range of Judaic topics including Bible, spirituality, history, holidays, cooking, fiction and much more. Over one third of our collection contains the Benjamin Zukor Children’s Library in both locations with picture books, juvenile fiction, teen fiction and a variety of non-fiction topics. We serve a diverse population including Religion School students discovering the joy of reading for the first time; Temple members looking for the next great Jewish book; and scholars, students, writers and others within our congregation and throughout the community. Questions? Contact our librarian Naomi Sandler, nsandler@tdhs-nw.org.