Temple De Hirsch Sinai serves a large, diverse, multi-campus Reform Jewish congregation in the greater Seattle area and provides leadership in promoting Jewish ethical and moral concepts. We uphold the traditional values of our historic congregation and strive to create a progressive and contemporary Jewish environment providing worship, education, lifecycle events, community building, and community service opportunities to all of our members.


Temple’s Senior Rabbi, Danny Weiner, has crafted a vision statement for the future: Renewal and Renaissance.

Response & Renaissance: A Vision for Temple's Future


Ve’ahavta l’re’echa kamocha

“Love your neighbor as yourself” informs all that we do; a life of Torah study, prayer & worship, and acts of loving kindness are key to living an authentic, Reform Jewish life.


We are bound together as Jews by brit or covenant, to an enduring relationship with God and to each other.


We welcome interfaith families to our congregation and encourage interfaith dialog within the broader community.


We operate under the highest standards of fiscal and ethical responsibility.


We respect and serve our members regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or marital status.


We meet and adapt to the current and emerging needs of our membership.